• Heavy-duty solid bar textured matte finish chrome-vanadium steel construction provides strength and corrosion resistance
• Matte finish provides for easy identification and aids in slip resistance
• Dual pawl 168 tooth 2.1˚ sweep (1/8’’ handle travel distance between clicks/ tooth engagements) allows for assembly and disassembly to be achieved in tight, confined, crowded, and compact applications
• Push button, quick release feature on ratchet head allows for smooth rapid addition or removal of extensions and sockets
• Locking pin on drive anvil assures the user that the extension or socket will not fall off
• Recessed forward/reverse lever on ratchet head allows for easy access, avoids work zone, and allows user to switch between forward and reverse simply with their thumb without taking their hand off the ratchet
• Torque values meet/exceed DIN/ANSI by 130%
• 440 chrome-moly, 50-52 HRc (Rockwell Hardness)
• The knurled black oxide speed ring collar atop the ratchet head allows the user to incorporate rapid single hand assembly prior to torqueing when there is no resistance
• The speed ring also allows rapid single hand disassembly once there is no longer any resistance on the fastener or nut

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  • State-of-the-art, patented drop and lock-snap up and release locking chuck
  • Patented chuck guarantees no foreign material extraction will have to be performed from using these drivers
  • Much faster and more convenient than a keyless chuck
  • Free spinning outer sleeve allows user to completely control the task at hand while still allowing the driver to operate uninterrupted at any speed
  • Multiple lengths allow for access in deep, tight, hidden, and confined spaces
  • Use with all 1/4" driver bits in the 204 pc. and 215 pc. Master Security Bit Sets, Cryodrive Hex Bits, Quick Change Bits, Countersink Hex Bits, Hex Spade Wood Bits, Nutdrivers, Hex Draps, Hex Drill Bits and more
  • Finally, a magnetic drive tool set that allows you to complete the task at hand with many options
  • The set includes a custom tool carrier with a dropdown storage compartment on the inside of the door for 7 of your favorite bits
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• Extra thick torquing head creates constant contact with each fitting when performing the task at hand
• Ratcheting head on one end enables constant contact performance for rapid assembly and disassembly applications
• Fixed head on one side for seized, corroded and over-torqued disassembly applications, and torquing in the assembly mode
• 5 point milled design inside the head prevents burring, marring, stripping, and damaging of pipe, tubing, and hose fittings
• Rear recessed contact point inside head provides the ability for extra torquing while preventing slippage
• Heavy-duty chrome-vanadium steel construction
• Chrome plated with a mirror finish for corrosion resistance

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• A patented and ergonomical air gun designed with a labor saving state-of-the-art piston driven, anti-fatigue fitted handle and trigger
• Equipped with a molded hanging hook for simple storage
• Designed with a patented air volume regulator with minimum and maximum volume settings
• A handle clip ring allows for continuous air flow without constant depressing of the handle, reducing hand fatigue
• When the clip ring is in place and the Master Air Blaster is disconnected and not in use, its compact size takes up less space when stored in a tool box, drawer, on a shelf, etc
• A patented internal piston design inside the handle prevents air leakage
• A patented, adjustable sliding air nozzle with adjustment nut allows for controlled high volume air movement, and is equipped with an OSHA approved safety clip
• The air release tubes have OSHA approved sidewall air release vents at the end of each tube
• Approved for volume pressure up to 280psi (20kg/cm2)
• Piston and nozzle O-ring rebuild kits available

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• Quick change 3/8” and 1/2” drive sockets have a lifetime warranty* and allow for easy bit
changes and provide ease of use and greater torque
• Efficient design allows one socket to drive multiple sizes; traditional hex sockets can only
drive one
• Bits made from durable S2 tool steel, heat-treated, annealed and tempered to 59Rc
• Chamfered ends on hex bits allows for more effective fit in fastener head
• Custom blow mold case provides better organization and can easily be stored in a
toolpouch, drawer or cabinet
* Lifetime warranty applies to drive sockets only. Hex bits not covered.

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• 5 low watt-high power settings
- 55 Watt - 6000 Lumens
- 44 Watt - 4800 Lumens
- 34 Watt - 3600 Lumens
- 27 Watt - 2400 Lumens
- 17 Watt - 1200 Lumens
• Patented constant current feature – as charge drops, the Lumens remain constant
• Heavy duty die-cast aluminum housing
• Quick fastening for easier light head adjustment
• 120° horizontal rotation on base joint
• Power bank output 5V, 1A, 5m cable
• IP67 Dust and water resistant
• Low battery warning
• SOS function
• Download APP for wireless control – control up to 4 lights on one device
• Free app download for all light purchasers & everyone in the shop
• With a USB charging port for charging the light and other devices and for operating other devices

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• Double-ended sliding T-top has 3 stops to improve positioning when tightening and loosening fasteners.
• Better fastener access in tight and confined spaces.
• Long T-handle provides high leverage and torque advantage.
• Superglide sleeve allows faster and easier fastener installation and removal.
• Heavy-duty chrome-vanadium tool steel improves torsional strength and drive tip life.
• Silver satin finish with black oxide drive tips for corrosion resistance.
• Heavy gauge tool stand has screw mount holes for bench top or wall mounting.

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• Heavy-duty chrome vanadium shock resistant tool steel.
• Knurled shanks provide a comfortable non-slip grip.
• Black and silver style provides for easy identification and a high quality finish and appearance.
• Beveled striking head resists spalling and chipping even from heavy impact.
• Each punch and chisel is lasered with it’s own part number for easy identification.
• Each pouch slot is identified with the tool part number, making it simple to replace the correct tool into the correct slot.

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• A heavy-duty Industrial screwdriver with an extended reach design.
• Magnetized precision ground black oxide tips provide constant contact and allow for rapid installation and removal of the fastener.
• The number one choice by all service technicians and maintenance personal for extended reach, hard to reach and overhead enclosed and confined space applications.
• Slip resistant anti-fatigue ergonomic impact resistant TPR Handles teamed with raised nodules for additional gripping and torqueing power.
• Heavy-duty chrome vanadium round steel shanks with additional slip resistant barbs attached inside the handle.
• The perfect precision anti-fatigue screwdrivers for auto, truck and diesel mechanics, carpenters, electricians, bio med shops, welder’s, instrument and control
technicians, building maintenance technicians, HVAC technicians, plumbers and more.

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• State-of-the-art gearless ratcheting non-slip operational jaw design enables a fast, smooth and positive ratcheting action to accommodate many pipe diameters.
• Ergonomic design and spring loaded jaws enable one-handed operation in the forward, reversing, and adjusting modes.
• State-of-the-art triple force grip design of the angled jaw and pawl enforce superior non-slip gripping power.
• Single same hand thumb touch to move the trigger for loading and unloading of the pipe wrench onto and off the task at hand.
• 50% more operational efficiency than conventional pipe wrenches.
• Constant contact gripping feature provides for an and easy/safe task at hand, and safe working conditions and environment.
• Lightweight, high quality, heavy duty aluminum handles on the 10’’, 12’’, 14’’ and 18’’ models.
• Heavy duty cast iron handle on the 8’’ model.
• Easily grips HRC stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, lead pipe, malleable pipe, galvanized pipe, hose and hydraulic fittings and connections, nuts, bolts, machine parts, and many other components.
• Shut-off valve feature at the bottom of each handle.
• ISO 9001 Certified and SGS Torque test approved.

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